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Bill Barbre, MSIE CPE
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From heavy industry to modern manufacturing to computer
workstations, Barbre Ergonomics can help your company
manage ergonomics challenges and meet training needs.

  • Ergonomic assessments in a wide variety of environments
  • Ergonomics training for employees and teams
  • Railroad ergonomics assessments and training
  • Construction, oil and gas, heavy manufacturing
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Glass manufacturing
  • Workstation assistance and adjustment
  • Recommendations for improvements
  • Reduced-effort methods
  • Ergonomics support for plant safety professionals
  • Expert analysis of injury claims

Dallas area and nationwide, Barbre Ergonomics provides the
background and real-world industry experience that can help
you address ergonomics problems with greater efficiency and
lower cost.

Let Barbre Ergonomics help you, too.

Barbre Ergonomics is led by certified
professional ergonomist Bill Barbre,
with 32 years of experience in industry
and consulting. Bill's expert assessments
and training help you see what he sees --
practical opportunities to make jobs easier,
less costly, safer, smarter, and more comfortable to perform,
often by removing unnecessary steps and effort. Many of the
changes he recommends can be made at low cost or no cost.
Bill shows clients how even small changes can make big
differences using the powerful tools of ergonomics.
Thirty Years of Board-Certified
Ergonomics Experience
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