Design Development and Evaluation
    We often assist clients with design support of various types
    and with varied scope of involvement, from turnkey solutions,
    to prototyping, to working as part of integrated design team.
    We efficiently provide design recommendations, improved
    methods for demanding tasks, data regarding human
    characteristics and dimensions, human subject testing, and
    more. We also evaluate products and equipment for
    improvement, adequacy, safety, and endorsement.

    Related Areas of Experience:

      - Office workstation equipment
      - Special-purpose job aids
      - Equipment design to fit people and meet user needs
      - Methods for safe use of heavy tools, prybars, mauls, etc
      - Maintenance construction tasks
      - Heavy vehicles and vehicle cabs
      - Hand-held control and keying devices
      - Helmet-mounted display systems
      - Control and display design
      - Body stability during motion & climbing
      - Biomechanical analysis and modeling
      - Analysis of lifting and exertion tasks
      - Technique posters for demanding tasks
      - Vehicle seating and restraints
      - Cab, console, cockpit, and control station design
      - Training for safety pros and supervisors
      - Expert support for litigation
      - Risk analysis for personal injury claims
      - Risk analysis related to cumulative trauma disorders
      - Risk analysis related to back problems,
      - Injury analysis for acute soft tissue and joint problem