Barbre Ergonomics is a consulting firm based in Fort Worth,
    Texas. The company is lead by Bill Barbre, MSIE CPE, a board-
    certified professional ergonomist with 20 years of experience
    covering a wide array of topic areas in both ergonomics and
    human factors. A partial listing of these topic areas is provided
    below. Contact Us for a copy of his Curriculum Vitae and to ask
    any questions.

    Areas of Experience
      - Rail industry ergonomics and litigation support
      - Postal and shipping ergonomics
      - Chemical and pertroleum process ergonomics
      - Assembly line ergonomics
      - Greenhouse ergonomics
      - Ergonomics program development
      - Office workstation assistance
      - Ergonomic evaluations and jobsite assessments
      - Back care and sprain/strain prevention training
      - Ergonomics training, beginning to advanced
      - Trainer overheads, scripts, and handbooks
      - Analysis of complex and long-cycle job tasks
      - Methods for physically demanding tasks
      - Tools, maintenance & construction tasks
      - On-the-job stretching and flexibility
      - Heavy vehicles and vehicle cabs
      - Hand-held control and keying devices
      - Helmet-mounted display systems
      - Control and display design
      - Body stability and positions in motion & climbing
      - Biomechanical analysis and modeling
      - Analysis of lifting and exertion tasks
      - Technique posters for demanding tasks
      - Vehicle seating and restraints
      - Cab, console, cockpit, and control station design
      - Training for safety pros and supervisors
      - Dental worker methods and equipment
      - Expert litigation support
      - Risk analysis for personal injury claims
      - Risk analysis related to cumulative trauma,
         musculoskeletal disorders, or MSDs
      - Risk analysis related to backs injury
      - Risk analysis related to acute strains and MSDs
      - Risk analysis related to walking and climbing
Bill Barbre, MSIE CPE